Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Dominion Day!!!!

If you're American, or even remotely Liberal - I would recommend not reading my blog today because as much as I love my American and Liberal friends, I am not a fan of the country to the south, nor am I a Liberal. (though, by default, I have been known to vote that way once or twice I'm sorry to say) You may notice, that I don't have the traditional Canada Flag on my posting. Well, the reasons for this are many. I have ignorantly adored it for many years, but after catching up on my Canadian History recently, my eyes have been opened, and I realize now how biased, and also politically motivated our current flag is. It was introduced in 1965 by possibly the weakest and also most crooked Prime Minister of our time - Mr. Pearson. The man literally sold his soul to become Prime Minister and changed his policies with every wind of support in order to get into Sussex Drive. Somehow - for many stupid reasons, and also because he complained the loudest - he became Prime Minister. Whilst he was there, he took advantage of the "New Flag" debate, creating this... Now - in the description of the current flag, you will notice - that they mention that King George V approved of Red and White being Canada's Official Colors. This is mere convenience for the Liberals, as those are and have been their colors since the beginning of the Liberal Party. Number 1 - the colors do not represent ALL of Canadians' political beliefs. Perhaps if they threw some blue, maybe a bit of orange in there, some Green too, that would represent almost all of the parties of Canada - not just one. Number 2 - The Maple Leaf - well, I love the maple leaf, I think it really is a great symbol of Canada historically, but Canada is a very big big country, and Maple syrup is really only farmed from Maple trees in certain Eastern Provinces. We have many industries from Sea to Sea TO SEA. Perhaps we could include some Cod in there, perhaps a little wheat, perhaps a B.C. Apple or Peach, and maybe a Polar Bear? I mean Canada is a very big country, and the symbol of the Maple Leaf - when you think about it is only one small part of the big picture of Canada. Number 3 - There's this bit about the Red parts on either end of the flag representing the 2 Oceans on either end of the country. Well, last time I checked, Canada was surrounded by 3 Oceans, not just 2. The North is so often neglected and forgotten, I think it's time they stopped leaving it out. There's a lot of people up there, and an untapped source of resources as well. Plus, there's a whole lot of wildlife there that really requires our attention, as their habitat is disappearing bit by bit a little each day. But that is another debate for another day. Number 4 - In creating the current flag of Canada, they removed the Union Jack. It was suggested at the time that they include the Union Jack, and Perhaps the Fleur-de-lis as well. I would take that one step further, and say - why not include the true founders of this land, and put some Native American lore on the flag? They have a part in our history just as much - if not more than the British, and the French. I've been catching up on my Canadian History as I said - yay for Pierre Berton!!! A friend suggested I read him after I discovered some very interesting facts on a DVD set I bought a few months back called "Canada, A People's History". Now, I know all of the Americans will not believe this - as it's been left out of your history books (along with many other important facts - however), but the U.S. and Canada have actually been at War with each other - many times. Your country has wanted to get it's greedy little mits on ours for well over a century - almost 2. One war in particular - the War of 1812 (yes, the same one that Napolean was involved in - the U.S. being on his side) in my opinion, and also in the opinion of Mr. Berton would never have been won by us had it not been for a genius military commander by the name of Tecumseh. Brock had his contribution as well, but the real reason we won (or didn't lose) is because of Tecumseh and his brave Warriors were there to aid us. Now Tecumseh wasn't actually in it for Canada. Obviously he was in it for his people (and well he should have been) for they had been pushed and pushed out of their lands to the point where they had no where else to go, so they took a stand against the Americans with the British because the Americans were the greater offenders in this pushing out as the British had always been their trading partners, and had always dealt fairly with them up to that point. Americans had no use for the Native Americans at the time. Being an ignorant rebellious lot - they didn't see what powerful allies the tribes were. Big mistake on their part. Tecumseh was a genius, and an incredible leader. I wish we had more Tecumsehs today. I would have loved to meet him, though I'm sure he was quite an intimidating sight. On a side note, he actually fell in love with an English Girl at one time, and asked her to marry him. She consented, except that she would only do so if he gave up his culture and lifestyle and lived as an Englishman. Foolish girl (though typical for the time) - why or how could she think that such a great leader of his people could possibly turn his back on his way of life? Man, she missed out - sad for him and for her. Anyway, the point of my history lesson is this - Had it not been for Tecumseh and his brave, fierce band of multiple-tribe warriors.... Canada would be part of the United States. Americans will look at this and say - so what? We're free, we have democracy. I would say - take a look at history - and see if you really do have freedom. We are free to think the way we like, and have whatever opinions we like. You have been conditioned (not all) to think the way your government wants you to. It is evident in the American school systems, and also in the pop culture. In our High School Social Studies classes - we were taught to think for ourselves, and have opinions, and really learn - actual factual history and come to our own conclusions. A prime example of how much your country hides from you would be what I just shared about the war of 1812. Bet you had no idea. We owe much of our Canadian Freedoms to Tecumseh and his people. Therefore, (among other reasons) it is not unreasonable for me to ask for some representation on the flag of our country in honor of the great people who really founded this land.

So, having said that - the preferential flag I just described would have lots of symbolism on it. Obviously a flag overcrowded is also counter-productive. But, somehow - I'm sure - some genius - somewhere is able to come up with one that represents ALL of Canadians. So, that's my challenge to you my people - come up with a flag that represents all. Not just a small portion - like the current flag. Until that flag is in operation in our country, I will choose to use the pre-1965 flag. As I find it less offensive than the current one. I love my country, and I love my people. And, I am so blessed that my parents chose to come here. There are many like me - children of immigrants - who have made this their home. It is our blessing to be non-hyphenated Canadians. For we are simply - Canadians - whatever our origin or color. Happy Dominion Day.

A hero in Canadian history to which we owe much. Though Tecumseh would never sit down to have his portrait taken by a white man, some artists drew him from memory. He was described as an extremely handsome and striking man with hazel eyes.


Paper Propaganda said...

wow! i got an education from your post today! :)

Heather said...

I realize several things with my commenting this late in the game. Sometimes hesitation makes your words lose effect and I am just slow.

Your post is amazing. I really love the history and the passion you have for your country. Being an American, I must say I do not fully agree with your stance on America, but I respect your right to say it. America is not perfect, nor do I agree the majority of the time with our government. I cannot speak for my Founding Father's - but I should not be lumped into a melting pot of current American Politics either. I am not a Liberal. Not a Democrat. Not even a Republican. I ask that in all fairness, you do not consider all Americans to be evil and vile.

I have friends who only think of Canadians as someone to mock. Funny or over-polite. Pushovers. I hear it, but I do not believe it. I have met and seen to many Canadians with as much pride for thier country and heritage as myself. Canada has a rich history filled with amazing people and the real shame is not enough people care about history to discover such things. Even here in the states. We twist and spindle our own history for one reason or another making it a major effort to find truth.

Keep up the history. If we know where we have been, we can make better choices on where to go.

Becky said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for your comment. For the record, I have lots of American friends, and I love them all. Yes, often they don't really know much about their history, but as we said - that's not really entirely their fault. It's the school curriculum and we know who designs that...

Anyway, thanks for being supportive, and for reading my blog. I had no idea I stirred people up so much with this one; though I should have expected it. I was feeling especially feisty that week. haha. Though, anything to do with my country and it's history/politics gets me riled up I suppose.