Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ubuntu Means "Humanity To Others"

So, my friend has been using this Ubuntu Operating System on his computer. I've been researching it, and I think I'm 90% sold on switching over. You know, I'm a creature of comfort (as we all are) and new environments scare me a little bit, but the philosophy of this Ubuntu company is something I can totally and completely agree with. Software should be free and available to everyone on the planet. Ubuntu is a Zulu word that means "Humanity to others". The creator - Mark Shuttleworth is South African, and this is where he draws from for the theme of his project. There are lots of people in the world who have never seen a computer, let alone used one. The Ubuntu project provides an opportunity for those people to have access to a computer, and the internet, and all the tools available to enhance their knowledge. The Operating System is 100% Free. I think it's a great project. After grilling my friend for answers, I've figured out that you can't use any of the MSN Software on Ubuntu, but there is a host of completely FREE software that can take the place of anything. I'm sure there are lots of frustrated people out there that are annoyed that they have to use the stupid new Vista system. (So glad I didn't switch over - even if the upgrade did come with my computer) Vista has caused more headaches than helped people thus far; and it is not free - not free by any stretch of the imagination. With Vista, you have to upgrade all your other software as well, and that costs another arm and a leg. You also have to update your anti-virus every year. All of that costs money. Not the Ubuntu compatible software - all free. Of course, you can make a donation to the project, and who wouldn't? Well, I wouldn't at the moment, since I have little to no money, but when I do, I will.

I've ordered a CD (for free - no cost of shipping either) with the latest version of Ubuntu on it. It should be here in 4-6 weeks. You can download it to your computer as well, but I think I'd rather remove XP first - because having 2 Operating Systems on my computer at the same time would probably take massive amounts of memory, and slow my computer considerably. So, ok, maybe I'm 95% sold. I'm a little nervous about removing XP and installing Ubuntu though, I've never removed an OS before. Perhaps I'll have to enlist my brother's help. He's a computer geek. So, when I get it all set up, I'll let you know what I think. I'm a little bit excited about the idea of not paying homage to Bill Gates ever again.

Here's a video with Mark Shuttleworth talking about Ubuntu...

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