Sunday, 20 July 2008

To Pluck Or Not To Pluck?

So, earlier in the week, one of my friends at work pulled me aside, and in a nutshell - pretty much told me that I needed to get my eyebrows done. She was very nice about it, and really was only looking out for my best interests. She said - she had seen how I was looking better and better, and how - giving my eyebrows some shape could give my face a whole new look. So, I mean - that was really nice of her after all - to be honest and up front with me about it, and I appreciate it really. I'm not saying I haven't thought about it before. I mean, I have eyebrows (as you can see), and yes, they are a tad on the bushy side. They're not my Dad's by any stretch of the imagination, but they're pretty - out there. So, all week, I've been thinking about this on and off. One of my other co-workers was going to get her's done, and I asked her to bring me a brochure. They don't have them at the place she was going to, but while on my walk, I stumbled across this "Brow Studio" by Quorra on 17th Ave. Apparently, the eyebrow artists in that place were trained by this fancy schmancy Hollywood Brow Crafter to the stars. They charge $35 for Eyebrow shaping. I'm not the kind of person that is willing to spend $35 on freaking eyebrows. I know that's the high end, but still...

Anyway, after some discussion with friends, and realizing - really - that once someone starts to shape their brows, they must keep it up... (I don't even do my hair in the morning, just wash & brush - I mean how am I expected to keep up eyebrows?) I've decided not to do it. I know - I'm a hippie, but that's me - love me or leave me.

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Anonymous said...

I realize that this isn't a recent post, but I just blog jumped and am lurking and read this entry and laughed out loud because I had a friend do a brow intervention with me, too! But she sat me down and just started plucking one... then told me to pluck the other one to match it.

Don't know if you already have, but I say give it a try. Mine certainly aren't the shape they were when she did them, but I did decide I like the way they looked when they were a bit more defined. Of course, my hair is darker than yours and it's tougher to get away with the hippie look without looking like a muppet!

Really digging the blog.