Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Firing of Jack and 8 Others - Ed Better Step Up To The Plate!!!

Did you see the news today??????

Calgary Herald

Shocking, Shocking news about the firing of the 9 CEO's of the 9 Health Regions across Alberta. Well, we did expect it, but it still is quite shocking to me. At work today, we read Jack Davis' final farewell - to us - "his people".

I have mixed feelings about this to be really honest with you. But, we the people who work for the CHR - many of us have complained for years and years that we all think Jack was waaaaaaaaaaaaay overpaid. I don't know about you, but I think 1.2 million a year is a wee bit too much for a Health Region CEO. Having said this though, I am really pleased with how he put Ed and the Provincial Government on the line by pointing out - in public - to the newspapers where the flaws were with the Provincial funding - in other words - the non-existent funding. The government has now centralized the Health Regions under one CEO for the entire province. One thing I find that's good about this situation is that we'll now have one overpaid CEO as opposed to 9. But, having said that - will Ed come through, and get funding where it's needed most? To the frontlines - where staff are waaaaaaaaaay underpaid? Where we need more nurses, more clerical staff, more support staff? Forget the beds we need, who is going to work in this new hospital they're building? We need beds, but who's going to take care of the sick? No one wants to work in health care anymore, because they can't make a freaking living off of it. Believe me, I KNOW! A lot of my friends are pretty shocked when they hear how much a Clerk III (that's me) makes working for the Health Region. Many of them make a lot more than me and I do a LOT MORE than they ever do. (you can see - I'm not in it for the money - I honestly enjoy what I do) I suppose this is quite typical of health care jobs all over the world, but alas, I think we're slightly behind in this province. Having said that - WHY ON EARTH? WHEN WE ARE THE WEALTHIEST PROVINCE IN CANADA? Where the heck do you suppose all that money is going? Well, I'll tell you - it's going to the fat cats in the oil and gas industry. Lets make more money for the province, but forget completely about the needs of the people. We suffer in Health Care, and we suffer in Education. Hmmm, last time I checked, those were some pretty flipping essential needs.

A statue in downtown Calgary that I pass most days on my lunch breaks. It's been there forever, and represents 2 Calgary Businessmen. It portrays those Fat Cats in the Oil and Gas industry working that area of the city pretty well. Perhaps they'll change their tune about provincial funding when they need a bed in the hospital?

Having said all this, I really think firing the CEO's may actually be a good thing, but is Ed going to step up to the plate and make something happen for Health Care in Alberta? He better by golly. We're all watching, and we're scrutinizing every move he makes. It gets me hopping mad when I think about all the people who are missing out on some pretty essential services just because the provincial funding isn't there. When my parents ended up in the Emergency room because they had their accident, did I tell you where they had my Mom? On a lazy boy, in a room full of lazy boys and people in them with no privacy discussing their health issues whatsoever. Evidently this is the Emergency staff getting creative and doing what they have to with what small amount of resources they have. They HAVE TO. Where else are they going to put people? All of this due to lack of funding from Ed and his Provincial Government. I'm disgusted to tell you the truth, and something better be done about it. I want to see more people getting angry about this, and actually doing something about it. We all ought to write our MLA's. It's sick to see what they've done with Health Care in this province - the wealthiest province. If Ed doesn't step up to the plate and provide us with more essential services, and more funding, I for one am going to start doing something about it.

Here ends the Health Care tirade - for now.

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