Monday, 4 January 2010

A Bit Late Perhaps...

Well, perhaps it's still Sunday somewhere in the world... Fiji perhaps?

1st chance to keep that resolution, and I've screwed up already. However, I shall mend my ways next week.

My list of things to do seems to be increasing at an alarming rate! Who knew Primary was so much work? (just kidding, of course it's lots of work - kids take effort) I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing though. It's just that there is so much to do. Thankfully I can delegate.

So, other than that, not much has occupied my time or thoughts this week (except the regular boring stuff) New Year's Eve was a bit of a disappointment, as the Ceilidh was cancelled. I guess the icy roads were a bit too much for the Scots out in the country to make it in. So - no Ceilidh. Though, I bought a couple of bottles of Shloer, and a bag of Haggis flavoured crisps, and stayed in watching movies all night.

Then about 10 minutes before midnight, I turned on the radio, and listened to the countdown, drinking my Shloer. There was a surprising amount of Fireworks to watch outside of my window. I really do have a fantastic view. I don't think I'm ever going to want to leave this flat, simply because I'd miss the view. So, I drank BOTH bottles of Shloer, and had the wickedest sugar hangover the next day. (which I deserved for being gluttonous)

Friday the 1st, I went to my friend from work - Susan's place. She had this fantastic Stovie party with her entire family and a vast number of friends as well. This was a proper Scottish party, let me tell you. They were lots of fun, and all of them made me feel right at home. I heard just about every "When I went to the Calgary Stampede" story they had to tell. All involving Cowboys and alcohol. Haha - ah Stampede. Even though it's really only an excuse to get drunk and wear less clothes, I think I'm starting to miss Stampede a little. Who knew that would happen? Oh, also - Hilary (my favourite co-worker) came to that party with her husband Alistair - so it was nice to see them. Then afterwards, I went back to their place to watch Doctor Who (final David Tennant episode) with them and their daughter - which incidentally was a tad bit cheezy in the end there, and a little disappointing to be honest - loved the Timelords return though! I think Matt Smith is going to be brilliant. (though, I will miss David Tennant) Looking forward to the new series.

So, yeah - that was my Hogmanay in a nutshell. Not the wildest time, and not conventional either. Maybe next year will be different. Maybe I'll even get a proper New Year's kiss next year. *fingers crossed*

Hope you all had a great time. I promise I'll do better next week, and try to keep my Sunday Blog commitment.



Anonymous said...

I thought the last Doctor Who was fantastic. And I'm not convinced Matt Smith is up to the job. I mean, come on - "Geronimo?" What kind of catchphrase is that?

Becky said...


too much cheese with going back to say goodbye to all of his friends at the end there. I mean, I know why they did it, but it was too much cheese for me. I thought it could have been much cleverer. Also - how on earth did Mickey lassoo Martha into marrying him?