Sunday 6 March 2011


In November I acquired a kitten... (You see how much has changed since I last blogged)

Initially, I named the kitten Fergus, because it is a perfectly respectable name to give to a male kitten who was born in Scotland. Plus the kitten looked like a Fergus. I looked at it, and said - "Fergus"

So, imagine my shock when I took the kitten to the vet to be neutered, and they told me that she was a girl. :-) Haha, the people I got her from thought she was a boy, and I didn't question it, because I am the world's worst at sexing kittens. Ah well. It does look like she has testicles, but apparently - to quote the vet - "it's just a bit of jobbie"

So, yes - that's right - we mistook a bit of poo for testicles. It's all very funny, but it did cost me an extra 14 quid at the vet's... ah well. Fergus however has had to be renamed officially. Unofficially I still call her Fergus at home. I decided to change her name to Fergie - short for "Lady Sarah Ferguson" the long form of her name - which I use when I'm angry at her.

Ferg has been a real comfort to me at times, she's a snuggler - but she's also extremely playful. This is normal for a kitten I suppose. She's growing so fast now though - she's almost an adult. It's nice to have another soul in the house. She's lovely company. I'm glad to have her around.

Some pics...

Saturday 5 March 2011

The Best Thing I've Ever Received In The Post...

Hands Down!!

My good friend Kaly posted this sock monster to me because I mentioned how wonderful and adorable they were when she posted a blog about them ages ago. (link) I think it's pretty great that she remembered how much I liked them.

Thanks Kaly!

I do realize that I have not actually blogged since September. Admittedly, I have found balancing my life quite difficult since becoming a part-time (more like every other minute besides work) Open University student. Plus life has it's ups and downs anyway, so when you add the stress of having a million things to do with very little time to do them, it tends to overwhelm...

...still the Primary President too. Love Primary, love the kids, just finding balancing my life quite difficult right now.

However, things are looking up, and I'm grateful to know that there are people in my life who care about me - near and far. :-) xxx's all around....