Sunday, 5 April 2009

What I've Been Up To...

Well, it's been almost a month since I blogged last, so I thought I'd give an update as to what I've been doing, and how I've been going with the goals set in my last blog...

The goals, umm - haven't gone great. It's really hard to keep to conventional diet goals when so much good food is around. I'm not even speaking of the grease-fare that Scottish people call food. I'm speaking of my dear friends and their excellent regular healthy-ish cooking - which I seem to have no will to turn down, and of course I must have seconds. Then there's the chocolate. Gaaaaaarrrrrr, the chocolate. However, I have come to a conclusion that as long as my clothes continue to fit, and as long as I'm comfortable with my body, then the scale can go to hell. That's right - no more weighing. I'm still going to try to eat healthy and do Yoga every day, and obviously will walk to work and all of that (because that's part of my normal every day life), but I'm not going to lose sleep over weight gained - simply because there are so many factors involved in weight gain. There's muscle (which I seem to have a lot of lately), and there's stupid monthly hormone nonsense, and other things. I'm not saying I'm not rolly - I'm definitely a little rolly, so obviously something needs to change. It can all be taken care of, however, by small, consistent changes. So - there is my update on weight loss. (or rather fat maintenance)

Other than that, I've been working away at the University. I'm now on a temporary contract at the School I've been working with until September - so that's a good thing. I've had 3 major interviews for permanent positions over the last 3 weeks - each of which lead to me being unsuccessful in obtaining the positions. However, I'm learning. I will find something permanent soon-ish, and my foot is in the door now (I'm an actual University employee), so hopefully that will work in my favor.

Steve, Sue Anne, and I have been planting a garden!!!! That's the most exciting thing I have to report today. Sue Anne lives in this fantastic little cottage with a tiny bit of land at the back, so we have decided to plant food and reap the benefits. So exciting. I am contributing Purple Carrots, White Carrots, and Yellow Beets; and I found on the University weekly newsletter "2 year old" Rhubarb Plants - which we planted yesterday and hope to get at least a few excellent pies and/or crumbles out of this fall. We have also planted Blue and Red Potatoes, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, and Leeks. I am also using the lovely seeds which mbfm sent me for Christmas. Thanks mbfm. Missing you. So, yes sir - we are going to have a lovely harvest this year. We're also doing Tomatoes, and Peppers (in a wee greenhouse), and other items which we haven't actually entirely decided on yet. It turns out we have loads of room, so we'll make the most of it. I will have to take some pictures. I wish I had taken before pictures because we really had to (and still have to) turn a fair bit of sod. We're sod-turning machines. When I'm at Sue Anne's next weekend I'll take some pictures of our lovely little garden in progress.

Nothing to report in the Social department. Sorry to disappoint. I have lots of lovely friends, though - dating prospects are apparently scarce, or shy, or something. It makes it more difficult apparently because I'm old. Not too worried though, I'm having fun with my friends.

Still haven't made the trip south to visit my family - but in a few months I hope to feel semi-secure enough financially to do so.

That's all I have for now, but thought I should at least write something - as I know people do actually read this from time to time.

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