Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I'm Slightly Alarmed!!!

Oh my giddy freaking aunt!!!!!!!

I just weighed myself - and I'm going to reveal to you - just what the scale said - brace yourselves!!!!!!!

189 pounds

that's right - 189!!!!

Granted, I'm just coming off of the monthlies, so am probably retaining water (too much information, but you women understand and need to know these things), and am pretty muscular from the hill walking, but I am DEFINITELY feeling slightly more flabby. Ok, a lot more flabby, and also - my trousers are tighter, and my underwear too. What to do? What to do?

Ok, determination time. I am making a determination.

To determine to do something means - to decide. I have determined to...

Eat chocolate - only once a week - on a Friday - set day so that I don't forget whether or not I have had it that week. Also, only a small amount - and dark.

Do Yoga - every single day. That's right - every day. It doesn't have to be the hour long session, but the hour long should be done 3 times a week.

I will find a meal replacement, and replace my evening meal with it. A good quality one with lots of protein, and fibre, and good nutrients. I know meal replacements are not the natural way of doing things, but they can be helpful - especially when the situation is this dire.

No more of the fancy cheeses that I've been eating. Just because cheese is cheap in this country, it doesn't mean I have to eat it every single day. Ok, limiting my cheese intake to like - 3 slices a day.

Sugar - it's the devil. I've been noticing that I've been getting headaches - every time I eat sugar. I'm concerned that I'm sliding along on the border of Diabetes. It's quite possible for someone with my condition. They're connected. I need to lessen my refined sugar intake. Only Honey from here on in, and even then, not that much. Honey is good, and I SWEAR, it is the only thing preventing this cold from really taking a hold over me. No more devil sugar. Though, EVERY SINGLE THING in this country has added sugar in it, and the sweeteners without sugar in them are carcinogenic. They use some which are banned in Canada. Sigh, you really can't win. So, candy (even the ginger - sigh) is out. I'm going to the sink this very minute, and pouring out my remaining Ginger Beer. Gaaaaaaahhh!!!!

Right, that's done - egats that was hard, but I feel better. Yes, sugar is a definite culprit for this weight gain. Oh my?!?! What will I do when Brian gives me candy to eat through church next time? I shall have to hide it, and not eat it, and hand it over to a friend after. Steve, you will now be eating all of my Brian candy. Don't tell Brian.

Still hill walking to and from work - so will have to eat something substantial - like almonds, and something with fibre in it before I begin my trek home. Then when I get home, I shall eat my meal replacement. Hopefully I can find a good one.

That's the initial plan for determinations - that's a lot to begin with, so - we'll start there. Best to start with a few things.

Hold me to it. Check up on me. PLEASE.



Barry said...

I wish you well with your plan. I wish you more success than I've had with mine.

But, then again, not everyone lacks will power in the way that I do. :)

B said...

Even under these dire circumstances you have made me laugh. Not that this is a laughing situation, but still. You'll get back on track. You've done great up to this point, and you will continue to do so, I know it!

My Year Without said...

How inspirational and self-motivated you are!

I think it's funny that you say sugar is the devil because I totally went around telling everyone that, too. Then, I decided to go a year without sugar (2008) and in my research during that year found that sugar isn't anything. It's dead. It's the people who push sugar on us and in all of the food products who might be the evil ones.

Having kicked the sugar habit completely, I eat from a variety of natural sweeteners. Maple syrup, molasses, honey, agave, date sugar and dried fruit.

I'd love to hear how the no-sugar thing goes for you.

Meg said...

Good luck Becky. It's an uphill battle all the way. It could be the hidden sugar that's keeping you down.

Krista said...

Egg White burritos with turkey, green peppers and tomatoes maybe a nice meal replacement ...
I started where you are at two weeks ago. I've lost 5 lbs thus far, just altering my eating habits and doing cardio for 40 minutes a day.

kaly said...

Good for you, Becky!
I hear on the sugars! Evil thing that it is, but we all love to crave it. Or should I say Hate to crave it?
I've never been much of a sugar freak, but over the last few months, I've craved sugar. The midwife says it's because I'm not getting enough protein. I just don't want to overload on sugar cause there are some studies now that link childhood diabetes with what the mother ate while the child was in the womb. Scary.
Good luck with things!