Monday, 16 February 2009

The Sexual Revolution Has Ruined My Life...

... and the lives of many others like me. Gloria Steinem, thy name is sabotage. Call me old fashioned, but I'm not a fan of all of the so-called "freedoms" that the feminist movement has brought about. For instance - dating - or relationships...

Who the hell knows what they're even doing anymore? Women apparently have become on a par with men, and they play "the game" now - destroying the self esteem of men who normally are quite good-ish. These men then go out thinking that they have to play some sort of game in order to get women to like them. Apparently there are women out there who do like this game. I on the other hand abhor it - and everything to do with it. Call me old fashioned, but when I like someone romantically, I treat them well, I do nice things for them, I spend time with them, I might even write them lovely messages. Some people consider this behavior - seemingly desperate. I think that is THE MOST PREPOSTEROUS THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. Those who see it that way, are clearly lacking self-esteem in that they think there is something wrong with someone if they like them that much. I mean think of it - if you like someone, should you not be kind to them, and do nice things for them, and spend time with them? Hell, that's what I do. Apparently that's the wrong thing to do. Apparently, I should be cold and cruel, and distant. But, sorry, I'm going to keep on doing it the way I've always done it, because frankly, I don't have it in me to deceive or to play with people's hearts at will. If someone does that with me, I'm just going to walk away and disappear from their lives, because I reaaaallllllly can't take it.

Then there's this matter of defining relationships - who is to be the one to make the first move? Who is going to break the wall of uncertainty? Again, call me old fashioned, but I certainly think it is not up to me. Men - BE MEN - take control of the situation and do what you ought to do. Choose A girl - not 5, and say something like this - "I like you - and I want you to be my girlfriend" preferably with flowers or candy or the like. If you are rejected, then clearly - you chose the wrong girl. If women are turned off by this forward gesture, then there is clearly something wrong with them - mentally. OR - they are just not interested, and cruel enough to not say so, but say something stupid like - "we'll see" Again, mentally challenged woman. If someone is not interested, they should just say - sorry I'm not interested, and not prolong the pain. I hate what women like that have done to men. They have destroyed their self-esteem so badly that women like me - who are sooooooo worth the effort can't get anywhere with them. I HATE YOU - PLAYER WOMEN - thy name is destruction.

You know, for someone who only ever heard what a terrible person they were growing up (actually heard the words "you're a terrible person" and much worse), I've come a long way. It's been an uphill battle all of the way, but here I am, I'm strong, I'm free, and I'm standing on my own two feet - able to say clearly that I am not going to put up with any BS anymore - from anybody. So, men - if you are interested, please do not treat me like dirt - you will get ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. If you really are interested, then you have to woo me, the old fashioned way - with flowers and time spent, and touching (but I mean, don't touch me if you've just met me - that's just weird). I will reveal to the world - right now - my love language is physical touch. There - it's out there - so because people in the world are so weird about touching, my love language has not been fulfilled properly - not in a very long time.... I know that sounds sad, but it's true. She who has a permanent smile on her face is often very sad indeed. I was in love once. I mean - real in love - not this infatuation that people call "in love". I once gave someone my whole heart. I shouldn't have really, because though it was requited, it was not acknowledged publicly as so, and in the end it burned me badly. So much so, that I cried constantly for a month when it was over. But, I healed from that - with help from my God. I've healed from many things with help from God. People don't believe me that it's possible to heal from something like that, but it is - I'm a witness.

Anyway, long story short - people should be kind to each other if they like each other. They should seek to spend time with each other, and give - in whatever way they can. It makes no sense to hurt someone you love - as often as that does happen. I'm not saying I've never hurt anybody I love, I'm just saying, I have never intentionally done so. Nor will I - ever.


B said...

Girl, I love how you said, "for someone who only ever heard what a terrible person they were growing up (actually heard the words "you're a terrible person" and much worse), I've come a long way. It's been an uphill battle all of the way, but here I am, I'm strong, I'm free, and I'm standing on my own two feet" because I can say the same. Not many people take those steps forward to internal healing.

That being said, I'm sorry you were so hurt by that guy who was less of a man than you deserved. If I knew who he was I'd get a bunch of us "old fashioned" girls together and stomp on his heart. You deserve better than that. You deserve an old fashioned guy. Do you think maybe he's wearing a kilt RIGHT NOW? That would be awesome!

Me, I like my man who holds open doors, and was willing to ask me to be his girlfriend. I like being treated like a lady.

Meg said...

I am also old fashioned
Becky. I think that there are most of us than will admit. Now because of the world we live in we feel we have to play both roles to be recognized. The sexual revolution didn't liberate us as much as it has put restraints on us. We be stay at home moms without feeling unfulfilled... that's just one example.

On a side, Cali and I have been trying to recreate the apple cheddar sandwich we had at good earth. Do you remember what the ingredients were?

Becky said...

Rhubarb. Rhubarb was the secret ingredient.

Hilary said...

Becky...well said! I always joke that I was born in the wrong century. While progress can great, be great, it's not always progress... it's something I'm trying to teach my girls, too. I'm impressed by your strength and have no doubt that someday you'll be blessed beyond measure.