Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I just spoke to my Dad on the phone... he's sounding ok, just feeling a little bit older overall. I guess the stroke, and surgery has left him feeling a bit more tired, and a little absent minded. I suppose a cerebrovascular accident is bound to slow you down a little bit, his brain is bound to have suffered a little damage... (which accounts for the absent-mindedness) I think though, considering his age (78), he's done very well.

I miss him (and my Mum), especially on days like today when families are meant to be together. At church today for Father's Day, we had the Primary children colour paper ties for their Dads, then put them on ribbons so that the Dads could wear them. They turned out really cute. It made me think that perhaps I wanted one. One little girl (one of my favourite girls) drew ginger-haired sets of toupees and wigs on hers to remind her Dad of his former glory days when he had hair. Heehee. Some of the boys drew weapons on theirs, and flames... I suppose their Dads will see the artistic talent in them anyway. I love opportunities to see the artistic talent of the children in our ward. They're absolutely brilliant in every way. I really think this is my favourite calling I've ever had. I look forward to church every week, even though I know it could turn out chaotic; simply because the kids are sooo great. :-)

We also taught them a song to sing in sacrament meeting to their Dads. We then handed out fairy cakes to all of the men over 19 in the ward. It turned out rather lovely. :-) It looked a bit like this...

That's the song we sung anyway... imagine that x 25. :-) Brilliant.

I've just been thinking that I really miss all of those family dinners we had out in Okotoks at Debbie's house. That's where my family will be just now... sitting around the dinner table, eating more food than necessary, and talking about politics, religion, and gossiping about this and that. One is always guaranteed intense conversation at our family gatherings.

I hope all of the Fathers, and future Fathers out there have a lovely Father's Day. I know I'm really grateful for my Dad, not to mention my Heavenly Father. I'm thankful for his constant guidance in my life. I don't know where I'd be without him, to be honest. It's a good thing he'll always be there. :-)

Happy Father's Day!

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