Saturday, 7 June 2008

Trains And Veins

You would not believe what I saw on my way to work today. It looked like this....

There I was walking along on my regular route under the overpass, and I looked up - there was a steam train. A glorious, shiny, Hogwarts Express-esque steam train. I had to stop in my tracks and look again. (obviously took a picture). As I was stopped there in my tracks, others stopped and looked up as well. I mean - it's not something you see every day here in Calgary - you know? So, then it started to pull out, and it had passenger cars attached to it - with passengers in them! I mean - how exciting is that? All of us on our daily walking commute were stunned into silence and awe in it's glory. I'm sure we were all late for work, but who cares? I mean - it's pretty special I think. After a little online research, I think it must have been this... (link)
5 days, 6 nights through the Canadian Rockies - on a steam train! Who wouldn't want to do that? $4000 coach though - per person no doubt. Not for the likes of poor folk like me. One can dream though.

In other news...
Today I gave blood at Canadian Blood Services. It's just a short walk from where I work, so I just walk there. For the first time - ever, my blood was fast moving. I was done in a matter of 3 minutes flat, AND I don't have a bruise, AND they didn't spend hours finding a vein. I attribute this to healthy eating, and exercise and increased heart rate. Apparently there's 650 calories lost in a pint of blood, so I decided to indulge in 2 portions of blood clinic cookies instead of 1. (It's ok, there weren't many other donors today - so I wasn't being too greedy) In actuality, one of the portions was a bear's claw. Also had the soup, etc on top of my own lunch. Heck, I felt not faint of body or mind at all today. Giving blood is great. Apparently they don't have many donors throughout the summer, so - sign up and make an appointment peeps!

I'm not usually one to post sappy tear jerking advertisements on my blog, but this one gets the message across...

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