Friday, 6 June 2008

Need Part-Time Work to Supplement my Full-Time Work - Suggestions Please!!!

So, now that I've sold my car, and almost completely organized my banking so that it's manageable, I need a part-time job on top of my already full-time work schedule. I mean - really - what do I do with my evenings anyway? Mostly sit around, read, do Yoga (that will continue at least 2 evenings during the week), write blogs, used to waste time on facebook. Nowadays I've limited my facebooking to one log-in per day. Seriously, people need to put a limit on their cooky communications addictions. (I'm a prime example) I've now devoted myself to lessening my stack of books to read by reading them. I've also - discovered the Library. This means that I will be spending no more money on books - at all. (well, unless it's absolutely necessary) Thanks to Jodi and Angelique for preaching to me on the usefulness of the Library. (oh, and congratulations to Jodi on the birth of wee Moira - yay!) The goal in obtaining a second job and saving more money is to lessen my debt substantially so that I can put money away for better use. I mean - there's lots of things I'd like to do, but can't afford to at the moment. So, by fall, I'd like to be a lot closer to my goals. As far as extra work goes, I'm free for perhaps 3 evenings a week from 5pm on, and Saturdays. I won't work Sundays. I was thinking about a paper route, but there's no guarantee of the "up to $2000 a month" that they advertise. The exercise would be extremely beneficial and useful too. Making money, exercising at the same time. I love anything that can incorporate a few objectives at a time. (that's how the bike idea came about) That's how it was - back in the day (turn of the centuryish) Desk jobs were a lot less common than they are now. I mean - a lot! Whole livelihoods most of the time depended on what you could grow on your land or in your yard. Ah, to live in simpler times would be nice. But, these are my times, and I must make the most of them. I'm totally babbling here. So, yes, the work thing - umm, 3 evenings, Saturdays. (3 is flexible - I might be able to do 4?) retail is ok, as long as it's not clothing. Also, I have a lot of medical clerical experience so if anyone knows of any side work that I can do for local Docs and such, that would be cool too. I hope to make at least an extra $1000 to $2000 a month. Nothing that involves investment, so please don't suggest any crazy money making schemes. Other suggestions are extremely welcome.

Lets hope I don't have any interviews like this one...

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