Saturday, 19 December 2009

News and General Christmassy Joy...

What a week!

Full of news, and exciting things, and just general Christmassy goodness.

1st thing I can report is...

For some time now, as many of you know, I've been thinking about my future, and having grown up in Calgary, Alberta, (where no one really needs a degree to get a good job, and where post-secondary education is ridiculously expensive) I never really pursued a degree. But, that doesn't mean I never saw the value in it. The truth is, for years and years, I never really knew what I wanted to do. I started a brief stint in Horticulture - which unfortunately because I was 19 at the time, and distracted by hormones/emotions/men - didn't work out. I like plants though, don't get me wrong. I also completed a Certificate at BVC for a "Health Care Clerk" career - which led me to my illustrious Hospital Unit Clerk career at the CHR. (love you folks and miss you terribly). However, I always knew that I wanted to do something more. The other factor of course is, through all of those years, I had to support myself, and paying for school would be my responsibility entirely. There's no way Mum and Dad could help me out with that.

Almost a year ago, I decided to apply at Abertay University for their Food, Nutrition, and Health programme - because I really like food, and nutrition (as you know) and I'd like to help other people in their quest to improve overall health. Anyway, I did that, and was accepted. (thanks Kathy for the great reference). I was due to start that - next September with no clear idea how I would be able to afford to live, pay off my loans back home, and go to school Full Time. Obviously I'm going to have to continue to work, so I was not sure how that would all work.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was having a chat with Hilary (who is always full of excellent advice), and she mentioned that I should do something funded by the University which I currently work for, because there are loads of opportunities for staff members to improve their own personal development. I gave that some thought, and prayer. Then, I wrote an e-mail to the Personal and Professional Development department.

Long story short, it turns out that the PPD department will fund 50% of my education in working towards a degree if the School I work for fronts the other 50%. So, after an interview with my excellent Dean and School Secretary, they were very happy to authorize the 50%.

I will be working towards a BSc in Environmental Studies at the Open University. Which will allow me to continue to work Full-time, and do my studies in my own time. I know it's not nutrition, but it's another subject that interests me equally. Plus, food is related in a VERY big way to the environment. In fact, it's the subject that interests me the most - as you know if you've read my previous posts about local eating. I think, overall - it will be a really great experience for me. I hear no end of good things about the OU. So, that's news number one.

2nd thing to report is...

My best friend in Scotland is getting married!!!! Which for some reason makes me a ridiculous amount happier than usual "friends getting married" news. Perhaps it's because we're a bit in the same boat, and his finding the woman of his dreams gives me a bit of hope - that there's someone equally as exciting out there - somewhere for me. To be honest, it was quite a miraculous thing that they found each other. I'm so happy that it's worked out so well for them. It's funny, but most women my age who are still single get embittered when they hear news of people getting married, and they are yet again left on the shelf. Perhaps I'm still on the shelf, but I find such joy, (and I guess hope) whenever I hear news of people getting married. I guess that's a good sign. So, congratulations Steve and MBC!

3rd thing to report is...

Christmas is coming, and I'm just really excited about it. That's all. My tree is up (and has been since my Birthday - haha), there's snow on the ground, I've got good friends to spend time with, and lots of great parties to go to. I miss my family, but they know I love them, as I sent them a 2.5 kilo package full of chocolate. So, roll on Christmas - but not too quickly as I'm really enjoying it.

Everything just feels really great today.

Love you all! x

p.s. - It's snowing quite heavily just now - so I guess that means we'll have a lovely white Christmas in Dundee!

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Jodi said...

While it is disappointing that you won't be joining the group of scarf wearing dietitians :O) going to school is very exciting news indeed. Congratulation! I have been continuing to try new foods, I burnt 2 batches of fleur de sel caramels just the other day! I think I need a heavier bottomed pot? Have a lovely Christmas and know that we think of you often.